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Custom poster

Personalize your poster, your poster to measure for a decoration in the right format.

Product description

Your customized poster

Create your poster in the format you want!
Choose a photo or visual to print and order your poster. Easy to install, you can fix it, pin it, staple it or stick it on a wall.
Prismaprint ensures high print quality and the ability to print as a single unit and in series.

Why do our customers like this poster?

  • 150 g paper and quality printing.
  • A tailor-made poster, completely personalized.
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Product setup

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1 Product



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Further information

Your customized poster to personalize

It's your turn ! Set up your poster:

  • Enter the desired dimensions.
  • Indicate the number of copies.

Which subject to choose?

  • For your posters, Prismaprint offers the paper 150 g (width of 3 m 20). It is also a diffusing paper if you wish to expose it in full light.

yes  For large sizes, posters are provided in several pieces according to the widths.

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