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Rigid interior panel

Panel type Dibond® and Forex®. Short and long inner board.

Product description

A panel type Dibond® or Forex®!

Prismaprint rigid panels will be perfect for point-of-sale signage, information communications or events ...
This light and rigid sign is easy to use. It can be hung, glued, nailed or screwed.

Why do our customers like this product?

  • A strong and lightweight interior panel.
  • A rigid print of high quality.

To note:
For large formats, your panel is cut into sheets of 150 x 100 cm (maximum) to minimize your shipping costs.

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Product setup

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Further information

Your rigid panel designed for indoor use

Configure your sign online: 

  • Indicate its dimensions. For a size larger than 300 x 400 cm, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Select his subject.
  • Choose the type of cut: shape or rectangular.
  • Indicate whether you want Prismaprint to punch your panneau on the top edge so that you can hang it.

Which rigid support to choose?

All our panels are classified M1 (fireproof standard) for secure indoor use.

  • The foamed PVC (plastic) type Forex® is a lightweight product, ideal for all your internal communications: stand panels, indoor signage or informational signs displaying schedules, prices ... Depending on the desired life of your panels type Forex®, we offer different thicknesses: 3 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm.
  • The Dibond® type panel is perfect for very long-term or wet-type communication in greenhouses, garden centers, pet shops, patios, hotel and restaurant entrances. This very resistant and stainless panel remains very light and very easy to install.

yes  For large sizes, plates are cut before shipment (maximum 1 x 1.50 meters) to limit your delivery costs.
        Assembling them is very easy, however if you want your sign in one block, do not hesitate to contact us.

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